Many dog owners prefer to brush, trim, and bathe their dogs themselves, but for some this can be too time consuming or demanding if your dog’s breed needs specific care, such as a special cut or hairstyle. Dog groomers can also help when it comes to those sticky situations most dogs love getting into, such as a mucky puddle or a muddy riverbank (or worse!).

Perhaps the main advantage to bringing Spot to a pro, though, is the setup. Just using a cold hose on the front lawn or trying to wrangle your pup into the shower isn’t ideal. Groomers will be able to keep your dog comfortable with warm water, enough space, and an air dryer instead of, say, just using a towel.

You’ll want to communicate with your groomer to make sure they’re meeting your needs. Maybe you’re just looking for the basics: having your dog bathed and their nails clipped. In this case, any groomer should be up to the task. If you need more intensive styling, let your groomer know beforehand, so they can make sure to schedule enough time for you. Also, many groomers have a portfolio so you can see their past work – this might help you choose the right style for your pet.

Some groomers have more of a boutique, one-on-one setting, which might be good if your dog gets nervous easily, while other shops may be larger and use more automated equipment. Busier, larger shops tend to be more economical for you – especially if you’re just looking for a standard cleaning and trim – and as long as you and your dog approve the environment, they might be right for you. .

When you visit the grooming salon you should look for evidence of credentials. Not every groomer needs a license, so it’s best to opt for ones whose training and experience meets your standards.

You’ll want to make sure the environment is comfortable for your dog and that there are no heavy odors or other red flags at the location. You should also check how the dogs are handled, whether the salon keeps records relating to the pet’s vaccinations and health, and if they are aware of the proper protocols when it comes to using drying cages (basically, a blow-drying kennel for dogs). You should always feel free to join in and keep an eye on your dog, at least until you’re comfortable leaving them alone.

Above all, if you and your furry friend like the groomer and the environment, grooming should be an experience you and your pet will enjoy and appreciate!

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